IOT INNOVATECH LATAM 2021 | June 06 - 09, 2022
Industry X


Industry X

Internet of Things & Economic Growth

About the Track

Digital technologies – Industrial IoT (IIoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence have demonstrated their strategic value in the race to reach new levels of innovation, productivity growth and competitiveness; and after the passage of 2020, the question is no longer “why” but “how” and “with whom”.

With focus on Manufacturing, Logistics, Transportation, Retail and Energy, among other sectors, this track will delve into critical aspects to enable Internet of Thing-driven digital transformation in businesses and industries.

Main Topics

  • Launching IoT Initiatives in Enterprises
  • IoT and Economic Growth
  • IIoT + AI Applications
  • Carbon Neutral and New Energy Industries
  • Security and Privacy


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