IOT INNOVATECH LATAM 2020 | September 7- 10, 2020

Towards Globalization 4.0 – An agenda for more resilient socio-economics ecosystems.

Overview of Daniel A. Gottschald conference "Towards Globalization 4.0 - An agenda for more resilient socio-economics ecosystems." See you at #IoTInnovatech20!
Towards Globalization 4.0 – An agenda for more resilient socio-economics ecosystems.

Key Takeaways

  • How public decision makers should apply IoT-technologies and industry 4.0 approaches to set up new cyber-physical economic ecosystems.
  • How export and import strategies may be adapted to benefit from “global trade highways” and how in particular SME can play a vital role in this regard.
  • How a smart digitalization strategy can optimize global competitiveness both of companies and business sites.


The SARS-CoV2 pandemia is a tremendous stress test to our globalized societies. The economic damage of the virus is massive, the social and political impact may become even worse. The responses given by international cooperation systems are not as strong as they could be. SARS-CoV2 has revealed major structural weaknesses of the current system of globalization and forces us to work on more resilient, more decentralized and more stress-proven socio-economic ecosystems.

How global value chains shall be optimized in particular as an answer to the Corona crisis and how both businesses and representatives of economic regions can benefit from these developments?

Daniel A. Gottschald

These ecosystems, however, are much more physical than virtual – they will always demand real physical factories, physical power plants, physical roads, ports and railways and physical presence of people to maintain and control them.

So, is the Internet of Things an answer to the search for the more resilient globalization of tomorrow? And does it bring opportunities and signs of hope to companies fighting hard for economic survival? Yes, if we use it to create the right systems of cyber-physical economic ecosystems, more localized and better connected at the same time

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