IOT INNOVATECH LATAM 2020 | September 7- 10, 2020
Dr. Jesus Molina

Dr. Jesus Molina

Director of Industrial IoT - Waterfall Security Solutions

Dr. Jesus Molina is a leading security expert in the industrial IoT, and develops new market penetration strategy at Waterfall Security solutions. He co-leads the Security Working Group at the Industrial Internet Consortium, the biggest consortia in the space.

His recent work includes the first security framework for augmented reality devices, in collaboration with Brainwaive, and securing industrial IoT projects in different verticals for Fujitsu Ltd.

Jesus has presented on offensive and defensive security technologies at the top security conferences, including RSA, Blackhat, DEFCON, Usenix Security, and IEEE Security, and his research has been featured in Wired and The Register. He authored several patents covering a wide range of security technologies. Jesus holds a M.S. and a Ph.D from the University of Maryland.

Learn more about Jesús Molina conference “Railway Network: IoT in Critical Infrastructure” here.

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