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Robustness and Reliability in Smart Grid Solutions

Overview of Oscar Delgado and Reinaldo Burian conference "Robustness and Reliability in Smart Grid Solutions"
Robustness and Reliability in Smart Grid Solutions

Key Takeaways

  • Monitor and control protective devices installed on the power grid.
  • Improvement of energy quality indicators.
  • Increase in the robustness of electrical networks.

The Electric Power distribution systems should be integrated with the corporate solutions of power generators and distributors, so as to guarantee greater reliability, availability and speed in response to emergency moments, fault occurrence, the need to send maintenance teams and maneuvers in the system, aiming at reducing the SAIDI and SAIFI indices and ensuring an increase in quality of the electric power supply to the end users, at a well-balanced cost and adapted to the economic reality of Brazil and Latin America.

Satellite telemetry connectivity technology presents itself as a convenient and optimized solution for the monitoring and control of reclosers and other protection equipment installed in the electrical network, as well as measurement systems for large consumers such as industries, hospitals and stadiums integrated to a Smart Grid solution.

Many concessionaires and electric power cooperatives have had problems to achieve highly available and reliable communication channels between the devices installed in the field to the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) installed in the DOC (Distribution Operation Center) of the Utilities, in regions with unstable telecommunication coverage or critical points that require redundancy or with no telecommunication coverage, which becomes a techno-financial market differential for large concessionaires and electric power cooperatives.

The satellite telemetry connectivity solution acts as a contingency for cellular networks and other relevant technologies, or as a main communication vector in electric distribution companies, since traditional solutions have presented failures at critical moments in the network, mainly due to inclement weather and periods of peak consumption or in case of overload of the electrical system.

This solution integrates the DOCs with a monitoring middleware in the cloud with protective and metering devices allocated in the field using the technology of satellite telemetry terminals as the main channel of communication or as a contingency solution.

During the last 5 years the solution has been installed in more than 4000 points around Latin America, including Brazil in their main electric companies with excellent results of improvement of SAIDI and SAIFI, allowing these companies to manage the devices deployed in the field and making strategic decisions in real time.

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