IOT INNOVATECH LATAM 2020 | September 7- 10, 2020

LoRaWAN – Strategic vision and use cases

Un resumen de la conferencia de Mauricio Jancic "LoraWan - Visión estratégica y casos de uso".
LoRaWAN – Strategic vision and use cases

Key Takeaways

  • Why LoRaWAN should be seen as a strategic network.
  • Use Case: Water metering for Smart Cities.
  • Use Case: Cattle tracking

On this lecture we will discuss the basic infrastructure of LoRaWAN network, their target use cases and it’s strategic importance for open IoT LPWAN networks. Attendees will also be able to learn the different setups that LoRaWAN can propose, in terms of infrstructrure, either public, private or a mix of both.

We will also discuss a couple success cases, such as water metering application for Smart Cities and cattle tracking, straight from their manufacturers and users.

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