IOT INNOVATECH LATAM 2020 | September 7- 10, 2020

Barcelona in the era of 5G: Use cases

Overview Carles Gomara conference " Barcelona en la era del 5G: Casos de uso."
Barcelona in the era of 5G: Use cases

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what the advantages of 5G are, without having technical knowledge.
  • Learn about 5G applications in various sectors.


5G technology is reaching every corner of the planet, and no one doubts that it will be the new standard. Its improvements over 4G, and its great potential in various sectors, are not in question either.

But we are having a hard time finding the “killer applications” of 5G that will make the demand on telecom operators. They will come, but we must find them, and explain them.

From Barcelona we are launching several pilot projects in 5G with the aim of identifying the uses of 5G where it provides a greater differential, we provide operators, companies and start-ups with infrastructure and ecosystems to make real tests.

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