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IoT Innovatech Digital is an event where not only you will be able to expand your networks, create new business opportunities; but also the place to show your experience and share knowledge; boosting your personal brand, becoming an industry leader and taking a step forward in your career.

Experts from different sectors have presented their use cases as well as their failure and success stories in the adoption and implementation of IoT solutions, taking advantage of our international platform and establishing themselves as leaders in front of an international audience.

Important Dates



December 16 - April 06, 2020



March 10 - April 20, 2020



April 20, 2020

Who can be part of our speakers?

Executives and professionals from technology solutions providers as well as those from the enterprises implementing or receiving outcomes from an IoT, AI or Blockchain solution – End User-. Entrepreneurs, public officials, academics and executives from public-private organizations; every professional that has been actively participating in the process of adopting and implementing these technologies.

IoT Innovatech Who can be part of our speakers?
IoT Innovatech What our audience is looking for?

What our audience is looking for?

Use cases and best practices.

Our audience prefers practical and actionable content, clear examples of IoT in action from the vertical industries. From use cases to best practices used for activating and implement IoT solutions and other applications. We won’t discard researches and studies that as a result provide insightful analysis for our audience regarding the adoption of these technologies.

It is important to consider that use cases are our priority and we won’t accept proposals with commercial biases or focused in the promotion of a product, solution or brand. For vendor professionals, we recommend always to co-present with their end user client.