An investment matching event between Venture Capitals and StartUps.


This week the process for The Startup Connection has begun, an event that will take place during IoT Innovatech Latam 2019, which is a new instance that aims to become the platform to promote and enhance the startups driving the growth of the IoT in Latin America. The Startup Connection brings together the most revolutionaries startups with the industry and the different industry verticals looking to adopt Industrial IoT solutions, while it opens a new front to attract new investments toward Chile.


The Startup Connection will provide to its participants with international networking opportunities so they can expand their reach, space at the centre of the commercial exhibition to showcase their solutions; and access to a series of sessions and workshops led by industry experts, entrepreneurs and investors. In its first version only 12 startups will be selected by the committee. The fee to participate is US$ 1.300 + 19% Local VAT and it will include a stand, congress and exhibition passes and access to the other areas of the event.


IoT Innovatech Latam 2019 will bring together the main leaders and international organizations of the IoT with the companies from the different economic sectors of the region in an instance that will foster insightful discussions and demonstrations regarding how the Industrial Internet of Things is revolutionizing the industries and businesses; as well the impact of the several benefits this technologies and solutions brings to the different organizations – public and private- and consumers.


In alliance with the Industrial Internet Consortium – global association leading the IoT industry founded by AT&T, Cisco, GE, Intel and IBM- and the collaboration of Chiletec and ACTI; Meet & Greet will organize IoT Innovatech Latam 2019, an educational and business platform thanks to its international congress, exhibition and brokerage event. The event will be held during 2 – 4 May 2019 in CasaPiedra Convention Center, Santiago, Chile.


Some of the leading global actors of the industry that have already confirmed their participation are Claro Empresas as the Sponsor of Things; HP and LG as Diamond Sponsors; and Entel as Innovalounge Sponsor. Among the Media Partners are Infoweek, BN Americas and the business accelerator AgroWine Lab.

Invited Country

An important and groundbreaking milestone is the fact of the presence of República del Paraguay, the first invited country to IoT Innovatech Latam 2019. This nation hopes to build business and investments connections at government level and establish alliances with the exhibitors and attendees of the event. The attendance of important authorities in economic and technology matters represents an important potential to establish the most diverse agreements.