IoT Innovatech
Latam 2019

We have created IoT Innovatech Latam with the purpose of establish the most comprehensive and unique international business platform in Latin America dedicated to the Industrial Internet of Things and to the network technologies of tomorrow.

A platform able to educate and inspire – through an invaluable set of new ideas, experiences and knowledge – hundreds of professionals; as well be the main instance for a series of business meetings between the industries and the IoT Ecosystem.

Program Committee

Claudia Guzmán

Product Manager Comunicación & Contenido / Claro Chile

Valeria Aguayo

Jefe Comunicaciones Corporativas / Claro Chile

Gustavo Vicencio

Co-Founder / Abisko Group

Mario Briones

Senior Executive Account Manager / CenturyLink

Marco Zúñiga

Director Ejecutivo / Chiletec

Raúl Ciudad

Presidente / ACTI

Jaime Soto

Secretario General / ACTI

Daniel Amigo

Gerente General / IoT Innovatech Latam

Guillermo Guzmán

Director / IoT Innovatech Latam

Invited Advisors

Juan Carlos Hayes

Executive Director / Hayes & Co

Christian Aguilar

CEO / IoT Latam

Josefa Villarroel

Director / Observatorio Polítivas de Emprendimiento

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