Geolocation is still a pending issue regarding consumer and brands relations, to increase sales and implement marketing strategies and loyalty in real time, to be able to make decisions thanks to BigData analysis.

This challenge was one of the main objectives of the StartUp HappyShop, which closed its operations despite having raised several million dollars from angel investors and investment funds, but that did not work because its idea was way ahead of time.

Different was the destination of CornerShop, the StartUp and e-commerce platform that was acquired by Walmart. In this sense, Daniel Undurraga, Juan Pablo Cuevas and Oskar Hjertonsson are recurring serial entrepreneurs who have created other technology companies such as ClanDescuento, which was purchased by Groupon.

In the case of delivery companies such as Uber Eats, Rappi and Glovo, the challenges surrounding an IoT are even more challenging, and thanks to geolocation, companies could know a lot of information about the behaviour of their new and current customers in real time. It’s precisely this challenge that other companies are looking into tackling to be able to sell subscriptions, retail products and more.

To address these opportunities and strengths of technological innovation, the IoT Innovatech Latam 2019 event on May 2nd to 4th, 2019, at CasaPiedra Convention Center, Santiago, Chile, which will bring together the main leaders and international companies of the IoT together with the industries of the different sectors of the region in an occasion that will allow the discussion and demonstration on how the Industrial Internet of Things is revolutionizing the industries and companies; and the impacts of the benefits that these technologies and solutions mean for the different organizations – public and private – and consumers.

In partnership with the Industrial Internet Consortium – a global partnership that leads the IoT industry founded by AT & T, Cisco, General Electric, Intel and IBM – and with the collaboration of Chiletec; ACTI and Meet & Greet will develop IoT Innovatech Latam 2019, a commercial and educational platform thanks to its congress, exhibition and business conference

Some of the big global competitors in the industry that have already confirmed their participation in the event are Claro Empresas as Sponsor of Things; HP and LG in the Diamond Sponsors category; and Entel as Innovalounge Sponsor. Among the Media Partners will include Infoweek, BN Americas and the AgroWine Lab business accelerator.

The StartUp Connection

At the same time being held, will be The Startup Connection; a new instance that aims to become the platform to promote and strengthen the enterprises, thus boosting IoT growth in Latin America. The Startup Connection will bring together the most revolutionary enterprises with the industry and the different verticals that seek to adopt IoT Indiustrial solutions.

The Startup Connection will provide its participants with international networking opportunities so that they can broaden the range of their contacts, a space in the centre of the commercial exhibition to expose their solutions; and access to a series of sessions and workshops led by industry experts, entrepreneurs and investors. In its first version only 12 start-ups will be selected by the committee to participate. The value of the participation is US $ 1300 plus VAT which includes, among other things, stand, passes for the congress and exhibition; and access to the other areas of the event.

Related Industries and Businesses

Agriculture, mining, forestry, viticulture and aquaculture have great challenges around the adoption and implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT), due to the large extensions they must cover, and analyze to obtain the highest produces, in addition to anticipating complex situations of management and availability of water and future climatic conditions.

Through companies related to data transmission, satellite management and SmartAgro, a vast number of exhibitors will be invited to present their innovations.

The strategic business area of IoT Innovatech Latam 2019 will be in run by Maximiliano Morales, Regional Business Developer & Communications Evangelist, who will lead strategic meetings between the different participating organizations and the main actors of the IoT ecosystem, since, the focus is power generate interactions with the areas of agriculture, mining, forestry, viticulture and aquaculture.

Guest Country Buyer

An important and innovative milestone will be the presence of the Republic of Paraguay, the first country invited to IoT Innovatech Latam 2019. This nation hopes to establish investment and business links at government level and to build alliances with exhibitors and attendees at the meeting. The concurrence of important authorities in the areas of technology and economics, represent an important potential to achieve the most diverse agreements.

By Sergio Bustos, Fundraising Director at AgroWinelab